Announcement: Tohoku IT Concept Fukushima Game Jam 2015

Started in 2011, and highly acclaimed internationally, Fukushima Game Jam will be back again this year! Just like last year, and 4 years ago, we’ll visit the affected area in person, and send out the message that the area is indeed vigorous.We also aim to support the reconstruction of the area by nurturing the human resource in IT field, which is free from harmful rumors, providing the children and the young with opportunities to learn the skills they’ll need in the future. Throughout the project, we’ll also aim to incorporate “Tohoku IT Concept” which explore the possibility of IT cluster in broader area.

Official title: Tohoku IT Concept Fukushima Game Jam 2015
Official web site:
Host: NPO IGDA Japan Chapter
Co-host: IGDA Tohoku Chapter
Sponsors: Cyberz.Inc, groovesync, inc., OPTPiX SpriteStudio, Unity Technologies Japan, Matchlock Corporation, Epic Games Japan (Random order, currently making offers to businesses)
Schedule: August 22nd 2013(Sat.) to 23rd (Sun.)
Venue: Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan / Wiz International IT & Engineering College
Related events: Game development tools workshops, seminars etc.

Satelite Venue (under consideration):
 -Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan (GMT+9/JST) / Tokyo University of -Technology
 -Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan (GMT+9/JST) /Shohoku College
 -Okayama, Okayama, Japan (GMT+9/JST)
 -Nakagamigun, Okinawa, Japan(GMT+9/JST) / University of the Ryukyus
 -Taipei, Taiwan (GMT+8/JST-1)
 -Taichung, Taiwan (GMT+8/JST-1)
 -Kaohsiung, Taiwan (GMT+8/JST-1)
 -Zurich, Switzerland (GMT+2/JST-7)
 -Santiago, Chile (GMT-3/JST-12) Duoc UC
 -Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA (GMT-4/JST-13)
 -Vancouver, Canada (GMT-4/JST-13)
*All still under consideration at the time of this press release.

□August 22nd JST(Sat)
10:00 Opening ceremony
10:30 Start Jam!
(Video Streaming)
□August 23rd JST(Sun)
15:30 Finish Jam!
16:50 Start Presentation / Closing ceremony

■Affiliate URLs
IGDA Japan
IGDA Tohoku
・Cyberz Inc.
・groovesync, inc.
・OPTPiX SpriteStudio
・Unity Technologies Japan LLC
・Matchlock Corporation
・Epic Games Japan LLC

GDC(2013) Vault: Revival from the Great East Japan Earthquake by Fukushima Game Jam